We are manufacturers of feel-good products for dreamers worldwide!

What started with the development of the parachute hammock in Bali, Indonesia, led to a globally active company with a portfolio of "feel-good" products with an ethically pure conscience. We like to think of ourselves as a family or tribe rather than a company. Not only do we develop innovative and practical products, but we also want to show alternative and conscious lifestyles at the same time. However, our greatest concern is to make life as comfortable as possible for dreamers and visionaries worldwide.

Safe, cozy and high quality products

As the developer of the parachute hammock, we have always given our utmost to be close to our customers and friends. With the help of your valuable input, we strive to develop the best products, taking into account individual wishes. All our products are the result of the most accurate handwork of our experienced staff in our own manufactory in Bali, where only the highest quality materials are processed. Every single one of our products is tested under extreme conditions and is only sent on its journey to our fans worldwide when it has passed the strict quality controls. Our 10-year manufacturer's warranty speaks for itself. Our hammocks are durable, elastic, breathable, mildew resistant and skin friendly ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100. They come in five different sizes to suit any application and location. Our customers can choose from thousands of color combinations. The compact and travel-friendly bag in TTTM design is included free of charge. What would a hammock be without the necessary accessories? At least as important as the lying comfort is the uncomplicatedness and safety of the suspension system, which is why we use stainless steel hooks and robust ropes from the shipping industry in the standard version. Alternatively, you can also choose from high-quality carabiners and ropes that are particularly gentle on trees. Over time, in addition to our five size variations, interesting accessories such as The Tarp, The Mosquito Net 360° and The Carabiner, as well as a range of lifestyle products have emerged. Among them are for example the Moon Chair, the Beach Blanket, the Pocket Frisbee and as a result of resource-saving considerations also our Eco-Friendly Bags.

And off we go!

How you use the hammock, you decide. Many prefer it as a travel bed, to recharge energy for the day during a short nap or just to chill. The options are versatile and there are (almost) no limits to your imagination... The original TTTM hammock system comes with stainless steel hooks on a nylon rope suspension. This is one of the easiest, safest and most robust installation options available. Over the years we have expanded our hammock range to a total of 6 different sizes. All hammocks can be completed with high strength aluminum carabiners, nautical rope set and tree friendly straps. And for those who want to use our HM as a comfortable place to sleep, we offer our specially designed Moon Tarp and Mosquito Net 360. In addition, we manufacture some lifestyle products from sections such as the Moonchair, the Beach Blanket, the Pocket Frisbee and the well-known Eco Bags. The high quality polyamide material makes TTTM products ideal for adventure, travel and everyday use. We look forward to making your life easier!

Ticket To The Moon & Corporate Social Responsibility

It is very important to us to offer you great products that you will enjoy and be satisfied with. However, it is at least as important to us to draw more attention to current global challenges and to promote awareness of them. Of importance here are, for example, keywords such as: Sustainability, production within the Fair Trade framework as well as the protection of local social structures and cultures (in our case especially the Indonesian one). Child labor has absolutely no place with us. We see it as our duty as human beings to offer all our employees appropriate working conditions. This includes among others: Equipment with social security, a salary that is well above the usual standards in Bali and a restriction to a 40-hour week with adequate breaks. Even if this is not the most economical way to produce, it is still the right one in our eyes and has led to a very familiar working atmosphere. Since the beginnings of our manufacture, quite a few copiers have tried their luck and wanted to poach our employees, but so far no one has succeeded. We care, nothing is wasted! (We minimize our ecological footprint) Because there is only one earth....Avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle. This is the strategy we live by. Every piece of material that is thrown away during production is reused to make other products. This is how we developed our eco-friendly bags and other great products.

The TTTM Foundation

was officially founded in 2009 and is all about supporting the Sumbanese Kodi tribe in Eastern Indonesia. Together with these extraordinary people, we develop programs in the areas of: Health, Education, Culture and Development Aid. For example, schools could be built, malaria could be fought and people could be given access to safe drinking water.We are happy to offer our partners and other interested parties to support us in this endeavor. We are proud of the successes achieved so far and will continue to channel a considerable part of our profits into this project in the future.

Are you tired of lugging around heavy and bulky sleeping equipment during your outdoor expeditions? Look no further than our Hammock Outdoor from Ticket to the Moon. Not only does it provide a comfortable and cozy resting place, but it also offers a lightweight and convenient solution for your travels and has other advantages compared to traditional gear such as tents or sleeping bags.
Our outdoor hammock is designed for easy setup and use, even for those with little prior knowledge. Simply hang it up wherever you want and enjoy a restful sleep. Plus, it takes up minimal space in your backpack and hardly adds any extra weight.
Compared to sleeping on a hard ground or a sleeping mat, a hammock offers a more comfortable and cozy option for restful sleep as you literally hover over the ground, sleeping like in heaven. Our outdoor hammock is available for one person, as a Honeymoon version for lovers, and even as a Giant version for up to six people. We also didn’t forget about the kids, who will love our mini hammock, which is exceptionally lightweight and thus easy to carry – also for the little ones.
Take your outdoor hammock to the next level with our customizable options. From mosquito nets to quilts and tarps, we have everything you need to make your outdoor adventure even more comfortable and enjoyable. Choose the right hammock for outdoors at our shop and look forward to relaxing wherever you want, no matter the weather or any bugs and insects!