Made in Utopia: Cooperative, sustainable and fair

Since day one, we have defined ourselves not only as a manufacturer of feel-good products, but also as an advocate of socially responsible production conditions and fair trade at all levels. Together with the fair trade movement, we share the vision of more justice, transparency and sustainability in international trade (World Fair Trade Organization , 2009). As a recognized partner of the Austrian, South Tyrolean and German world stores we guarantee a number of criteria at every stage of the production process, which include appropriate working conditions and fair trade practices as well as the protection of the environment. Honestly and mindfully, we are heading full steam ahead towards our utopia - for our employees, for our suppliers and for our planet.

High social standards

For us, fairness starts with our helpers, because they are the heartbeat of our organization. Only together with them we can make more people dream and at the same time make the world a little bit better. They are our family and Bali, where it all began, our beloved home. Accordingly, Charly, the founder of Ticket to the Moon, saw himself from the beginning only as part of a larger whole and always meets his employees at eye level - this also includes, as is culturally customary, sitting down together on the floor to discuss current issues. We therefore also see it as a matter of course to involve our employees in decision-making processes. In addition to the flat hierarchies, however, it is particularly the familiar and personal interaction with each other that our employees value. This also includes Putu Agus or Made Sandi, who has been working in our production in Bali since 2000 and is now production manager:

We want to create the right conditions for a good working atmosphere, above all through fair pay that is well above the regional average, direct profit sharing, social security and pension, and free leisure activities. In particular, the joint excursions are intended to strengthen the sense of togetherness and are regarded as something very special. This strong togetherness characterizes the vibe of Ticket to the Moon, which we would like to pass on to our customers ("Tribe") worldwide. Our employees are just as important to us as our Indonesian roots, which is why we also want to give something back. Therefore, a significant part goes to them and to our self-established Foundation, with which a number of projects in the areas of ecotourism, medicine and education could be realized so far, as well as numerous jobs were created.

Fair trade practices

In our work and decisions, we are constantly guided by the principles of sociocracy 3.0, according to which we also select ourtrading partners. A fair, preferably regional and sustainableand sustainable approach as well as a high product quality are the basic are the basic requirements for a partnership. We place particular emphasis on long-term relationships that are characterized by a friendly relationship. For this reason, we not only maintain a regular exchange of information, but also visit the external companies in person on a regular basis. This is the only way we can say with a clear conscience: We only sell what we live and love.

Ecological and sustainable production

Ticket to the Moon is the first completely PFC-free hammock manufacturer and our parachute nylon is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. Moreover we are an official WFTO member since 2023. In terms of environmental protection, both in Europe and in Bali, the principle of "reduce, reuse, recycle" has applied since the beginning. Our products are characterized by a very high quality, which is why we also guarantee a manufacturer's warranty of 10 years on production and material defects. On the one hand, we want to create a rethinking against the throwaway society and on the other hand, we want our customers to enjoy our products for a lifetime. In addition to a resource-saving way of working, we also invest in upcycling processes in particular. For example, leftover materials from our hammocks are either reprocessed into environmentally friendly products such as Eco Bags or recycled into new fabrics. Everything that cannot be sensibly reprocessed by us is reintroduced into the value chains by the Balinese recycling pioneer Eco-Bali. In this way, we pursue our green mission for a clean and healthy planet and remain true to our motto "nothing is left to waste". 

Along these standards, we have embarked on a common path to steadily move one step closer to our Utopia!

You can find more information about fair trade criteria here.





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