Lightest Hammock - Ispo Gold Award Winner

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Product information "Lightest Hammock - Ispo Gold Award Winner"

When going far, or if for you every gram counts, even a conventional travel hammock may be too heavy. Others just love the idea of having a hammock that can be truly brought anywhere, and always without having to leave other things behind. After many years of searching for an even lighter fabric that provides the level of safety and comfort typical for Ticket to the Moon, we are excited to present our Lightest hammock. 

It is an ultralight setup that is made of a locally produced, high-performance crinkle nylon textile. This award-winning packing wonder with a full length of 300 cm hammock body is suitable even for taller people without compromises in comfort. It weighs only 228 grams including the express setting bag, and with 6 kN mini-carabiners and special UHMWPE-rope it will literally fit into your pocket. For suspension (optional) we recommend our tree-friendly Lightest Straps.

We guarantee: 
1. Very fast and intuitive assembly, no knotting, no drilling - we protect man and nature 
2. Ultra strong parachute silk, which also guarantees a lot of comfort and safety. Together with the cover the hammock can hang outside all year round 
3. First-class production, handmade quality certified according to OEKO-TEX® standard (You will immediately notice the difference to the machine-produced (Chinese) mats) 
4. Fair production and sustainable commitment to nature, employees and our customers, without ifs and buts - get informedhere! 

Product characteristics:
  • Material: 41g/m2 Crinkle Nylon 
  • Weight: 228 g 
  • Max. load: 150 kg 
  • Length: 320 cm (carabiner to carabiner) 
  • Dimensions: 300 cm x 140 cm 
  • Breaking strength:  >450 kg
  • Recommended attachments (not included): Lightest Straps
Main color: Forest Green (51), Navy Blue (52), Orange (53)

Attachment Kits

Lightest Straps
ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT MEETS TREE HUGGERSFor only 95g you get a tree-friendly and easy to use solution. Perfect if weight matters. Made from UHMWPE rope to last. It even fits into the express bag of the lightest hammock.The Lightest Straps is versatile as an easy to use hammock suspension that fully protects trees: Wrap the ropes around the desired object (tree, hook, balcony, beam,...) and through the loop on the other end Fasten and attach the hook/ carabiner of your hammock to one of the knots Relax! In case the surface is slippery, simply wrap the object two or three times before going through the loop to stay where you are. The smooth straps gently hug the trees and their bark will be grateful! Product characteristics:Tree-hugger: 2 x L 0.9 m / W 20 mm (100% PES)Rope: 2 x L 1.6 m / ø 3 mm (UHMWPE)Full length: 2.5 mWeight: 110 gMax. load: 200 kg Breaking strength: >400 kg



Lightest Pro Hammock
Main color: Forest Green (51)
The Lightest Pro Hammock is the serious adventurer's choice and therefore designed as an easy-to-use and always-ready solution for sleeping outdoors with insect protection and ridgeline. Extra effort has been given to maximise comfort and functionality while minimising weight. Set up in less than a minute, its extended 310 cm hammock body gives you extra room to spread out and enjoy astonishing comfort, particularly when lying at an angle.“No-see-um” insect protection — the integrated yet stowable bug net made from carefully selected premium micromesh fabric provides excellent insect protection, lets you breathe easily and it will also deflect wind to pro- vide a calm space inside. Four zipper heads with handles allow convenient double-sided access. Perfect hang guaranteed every time — an integrated and adjustable ridgeline maintains the same comfortable shape every time to keep your back straight and level when resting diagonally. It comes with a handy organiser/ storage bag system for the net and for personal gear. External loops let you neatly guide your underquilt, attach your gear and serve as tie-outs to make sure you are smitten, not bitten, on your trip.Product characteristics:Material: 41 g/m2 Crinkle NylonWeight: 590 g Max. load: 100 kg Length: 325 cm (carabiner to carabiner) Fabric length: 310 cm Width: 140 cm Breaking strength: >450kgRecommended attachments (not included): Lightest Straps

Compact Hammock
Main color: Brown (8)
The original among parachute hammocks since 1996. ✔️THE LIGHTWEIGHT FOR EVERY POCKET (320 x 155 cm, only 500 g) ✔️HANDMADE QUALITY - certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard ✔️FASTER, INTUITIVE CONSTRUCTION - (< 1min.) Neither knots nor screws! ✔️GOOD CONSCIOUSNESS thanks to fair production and foundation ✔️HONESTLY SUSTAINABLE - Nothing is left to waste! If minimalism and great value is your motto, then the Compact hammock is made for you. This stitchless hammock is durable, comfortable, easy to use and beautiful! It is also the perfect entry-level hammock for young users. If you take the hammock with you on your travels, you can use it as a neck roll or as a seat cushion. Our principle: "From travelers for travelers" is written in capital letters. So that nothing can get lost, the side pocket even holds keys, glasses etc. Incl. express bag and S-hooks, suspension (optional): Tree lovers are big fans of our Moon Straps and Lightest Straps. For home or non-sensitive anchor points, the Nautical Ropes are great!Product characteristics: Weight: 500 gLength (hook to hook): 320 cm Fabric length: 300 cmWidth: 155 cm Max. load: 200 kgBreaking strength Hook: >380 kg Breaking strength Carabiner >580 kg

Original Pro Hammock
Main color: Aqua (15)
The Original Pro hammock has now become an integral part of our Technical Line, also known as the Adventure series. Like its little sister, the Lightest Pro, it was developed as a worry-free solution for sleeping outdoors. Thus, the Original Pro hammock effortlessly achieves the balance between functionality and comfort!Multifunctional talent An integrated mosquito net, which can be quickly stowed in the included organizer bag of the Ridgeline, ensures that you can fully enjoy your nights. With this structural and adjustable ridgeline kit you will always find your perfect position and the four zipper heads allow convenient double-sided access. External loops let you neatly guide your underquilt, attach your gear and serve as tie-outs to make sure you are smitten, not bitten, on your trip. Extra width for more comfort In contrast to the Light version, the Original Pro gives you even more room to rock yourself restfully to sleep. Made of our popular 64g/m2 standard travel range nylon, it is more robust and less stretchy, which opens this versatile adventure tool even for couples and larger folks.Product characteristics: Ultra resistant parachute silk (64g/m²), which also guarantees a lot of comfort and safetyDimensions: 325 cm x 200 cm (Fabric length: 310 cm)Weight: 925 gMax. Load: 150 kgStowable 200 holes/cm2 black micromesh convertible bug net inc. 4 zipper heads for two-side easy accessIntegrated structural ridgeline 3mm UHMPE 2.8m +-10cmRidgeline organiser / storage bag for bug net and other gearExternal loops to guide your Underquilt, attach gear or use as tie-outsPacked in Express Setting BagUsing only the highest quality and skin-friendly materials (PFC free, OEKO-TEX Standard 100)Incl. 2x 6kN carabiners  Recommended attachments (not included): Moon Straps