Moon Straps
This daisy-chain webbing is super strong, anti-slip, and extremely easy to use. Perfect for application on trees with a sensitive bark, or for hammocks that are used by more than one individual.INTUITIVE AND COMFORTABLEWrap the end with the fastening loops around the desired object (tree, hook, car, beam,...) and through the loop on the otherFasten and attach the hook/ carabiner of your hammock to one of the loopsRelax! In case the surface is slippery, simply wrap the object two or three times before going through the loop to stay where you are. The ultralight smooth straps gently hug the trees and their bark will be grateful!Product characteristics:Length: 2.7 mWidth: 2 cmWeight: 216 gMax. load: 300 kgMaterial: 100% Polyester Breaking strength: >760 kg