As a child, TTTM’s founder, Charly, developed a deep love for hammocks. He would use his father’s old straw nets to tinker hammocks.


During his trip to India, Charly bought polyester fabric, tied both ends to trees, in order to tinker a hammock for protection from insects and dirt. Living the ‘hippy life’ in the West of India, he joined up with other backpackers and created the hammock camping: sometimes there would be more than 30 hammocks hanging from the same tree.


While visiting Bali, Charly discovers a fantastic new fabric: parachute nylon. Soon he starts his quest for the ultimate hammock: one that is easy to bring along, lightweight and quick to pitch. It is in this spirit that the TTTM Parachute Hammock is born. Delivered with an attached pouch for safe-keeping, the nautical ropes and the stainless hooks enable a quick and easy setup and the typical triple interlocked stitching ensures optimal safety. Charly’s revolutionary new hammock design, using breathable, elastic, anti-mildew and resistant material available in vibrant colors, is an instant success. Charly starts selling his product at music festivals, fairs and street markets all over Europe.


After a great initial success at many European music festivals, Charly realizes that his hammock could be something more than just a way to cover the costs of his travels...


Ticket To The Moon becomes a registered trademark and opens its first shop in Bali.


The first TTTM home factory opens. TTTM introduces to the market its original Moonchair which gains immediate popularity; a smaller one for children, the Kids’ Moon Chair, soon follows.


After the first five successful years, the Mini Hammock is launched; the product line now includes the single, double and mini hammocks


TTTM manufacturing moves from its home operations to a real factory.


The TTTM Pocket Frisbee made of cutting waste, hits the market.


The KingSize Hammock, which measures 320 X 230 cm, is launched: more space, more fun!


The TTTM Tarp and Mosquito Net are introduced: these welcomed product extensions offer greater hammocking pleasure as they protect from the elements and pests.


TTTM Hammocks fans are now found on every continent, and a cult-like following emerges: it regroups people with a similar positive outlook and with an urge to have a better way of life. At the same time some TTTM Tribe members start to provide aid to the Kodi people in order to improve their living conditions while preserving their culture.


The eagerness to be a ‘zero-waste’ manufacturer leads to the launching of a range new products: the beach blanket and a whole line of eco-friendly bags.


Long gone are the days when TTTM hammocks were only found at music festivals and in outdoor settings; now they are seen on balconies, in living rooms, hanging from bus stops, even on boats and airplanes. It is not only a bed in a bag, but also the the ultimate playground for both kids and adults.


TTTM launches a new moon-shaped bag for the hammocks. The TTTM Foundation is officially established and develops aid programs in health, culture, education and development for the Kodi tribe in Mandorak County in the West of Sumba. This is part of TTTM’s Corporate Social Responsibility program.


Ticket To The Moon introduces its own aluminum Carabiner that comes in a stylish black and white combination.


TTTM celebrates its 15 years of Hammock manufacturing and gives the 400,000th product to a charity auction.


TTTM innovates again and launches the Tree-Friendly Strap that distributes the user’s weight more evenly and consequently protects the tree’s bark. They are also a welcomed solution for smooth surfaces such as metal poles because they provide a better grip.


TTTM creates the Mammock, a giant hammock that is 6 meters long and 3 meters wide: even more space, more fun and many more smiles! Once again, TTTM revolutionizes the Hammock industry.


After preparing for 2 years, the TTTM revisits its brand for a new corporate identity and a new look on the web and in the stores. TTTM also introduces individually-customized features while still keeping the same renown superior quality. A brand new packaging is launched: the express setting moon bag in which the suspension system (hook or carabiner) is on the outside. A 1500 square meter hammock factory opens and has optimal process solutions and working conditions.


The quest for the Ultimate Hammock continues by introducing customized print patterns and new hammock innovations, in order to take you anywhere...


The Perfect hammock has been launched, giving another option between the King Size and the Mammock Hammock. Meanwhile the Mammock was extended to the size 800x300 cm becoming the longest hammock on the market! The Moon Strap was invented and launched to give even more security by increasing the weight capacity.


The Mammock and Perfect Hammock are now equipped with Moonstraps, a climbing rated carabiner and double Sleeves to make it the ultimate product to date. All our Eco bags got an overhaul on the design and functionality and the new Keyring Bag was launched, now packed in a miniature hammock bag. All marketing material has been updated with new LCD screens, stickers, T-shirts and new designed displays for the Eco bag line.


TTTM´s new website was launched to integrate now all accessories of the hammock in one customizer. Ongoing research is done for a new lightweight series of products, leaving you with the best camping and trekking gear possible.