Accessory Carabiner (8Pcs)
The perfect clips for securing smaller items like water bottles, knives, and flashlights to your Ticket to the Moon bag. These carabiners function well as key rings and more, while accommodating guy lines.Product characteristics:Size: 4 x 2.5 cmMaterial: A6061Weight: 3g/pcClosed Gate Strength: 30 kg

Carabiner 10 kN - Pair
If you like to attach gear to your ham- mock, or feel the need for extra safety for your joy- fully playing children, upgrade to our weight-rated carabiners. They were redesigned recently to even better secure your hammock, while saving weight. More so, you will love the additional comfort in setting up your hammock. Product characteristics: Material: Aluminium 7075 T6 Size: 6 x 3.9 cm Weight: 14.5 g/pcGate Strengh: 10 kN (closed); 3.5 kN (opened)10 years warranty

Carabiner 22kN - Pair
In case you feel that you want to have even more safety, you will like this carabiner. The extra strength allows you to effortlessly open the gate of the carabiner, while two dreamers are chilling in their hammock.Product characteristics:Material: A7075Weight: 34.4 g/pc Size: 8.5 x 5.2 cm Closed Gate Strength: 22 kN Open Gate Strength: 7 kN 10 years warranty against defects in workmanship and materialsSold in pairs, do not use for climbing 

Garden Straps
You want to be absolutely sure that the trees are only hugged and not hurt when installing your hammock? Then our Garden Straps Extension are just what you need! They serve as extensions for existing suspensions and are specially designed to protect sensitive tree bark. Ideal for permanent installations and for nature lovers who want to give the trees an extra dose of love. Our strap extensions are compatible with all common suspension systems and offer the optimal protection for the trees with a total length of 1.5m.Product characteristics:Strap material: 100% Polyester (PES)Full length: 1.5 mWeight: 240 gMax. load: 500 kgBreaking strength: >1200 kgNote: This product isn't a standalone hanging system.

Hammock Stand
Upgrade Your Outdoor Relaxation with Our Wooden Hammock StandCrafted from sustainably sourced Scandinavian spruce, it seamlessly combines elegance and durability. Thanks to its adjustable chain suspension system, this stand accommodates a wide range of hammocks. However, remember to double-check the hammock's length to ensure a perfect fit.Ensuring it remains a cherished part of your outdoor oasis for years to come, this stand excels in resisting rot due to its laminate process (strips of timber glued and clamped together). Furthermore, assembly is a breeze, and with a substantial 160kg weight capacity, there's even room for two adults. Product characteristics:FSC certifiedOverall length: 3.4 m Maximum length of hammock when hung: 3.2 mHeight: 1.45 mWidth: 1.25 m Material: laminated Scandinavian spruce, zinc coated/stainless bolts and chains  Weight: 20 kg  Capacity: 160 kg 

Key Chain Zipper
Make your life easier with our retractable key chain. This handy tool secures your keys and automatically retracts, perfect for on-the-go. Pair it with our stylish Sling Bag, which is not only comfortable to carry but also keeps all your essentials within easy reach. Together, they form the perfect duo for your daily adventures.

Lightest Carabiner 6kN - Pair
We designed this carabiner as the most lightweight option. Strong enough in any situation with its 600 kg closed gate rating, it has a custom eyelet for ropes like our UHMPE ropes. Suitable for our Lightest Hammock, it also works as a high- strength accessory carabiner.Be careful, this carabiner does NOT work with Compact, Original or King Size, unless you also change the ropes at the ends of the hammock to a thinner version!Product characteristics:Material: A7075 Size: 4.5 cm x 2.6 cmWeight: 6.0 g/pcGate Strengh: 6 kN (closed); 1.5 kN (opened)10 years warranty

Lightest Loops
Optimize the weight of your hammock with our "Lightest Loops" – the perfect upgrade for anyone looking to travel extra light. Simply swap out the standard rope of your hammock for our ultra-light loops and embark on even lighter journeys!Product characteristics: Weight: 8 gLoops: 8.5 kNMaterial: UHMWPEIn combination with our Lightest Carabiner : 5 kN⌀ 3mm

Lightest Straps
ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT MEETS TREE HUGGERSFor only 95g you get a tree-friendly and easy to use solution. Perfect if weight matters. Made from UHMWPE rope to last. It even fits into the express bag of the lightest hammock.The Lightest Straps is versatile as an easy to use hammock suspension that fully protects trees: Wrap the ropes around the desired object (tree, hook, balcony, beam,...) and through the loop on the other end Fasten and attach the hook/ carabiner of your hammock to one of the knots Relax! In case the surface is slippery, simply wrap the object two or three times before going through the loop to stay where you are. The smooth straps gently hug the trees and their bark will be grateful! Product characteristics:Tree-hugger: 2 x L 0.9 m / W 20 mm (100% PES)Rope: 2 x L 1.6 m / ø 3 mm (UHMWPE)Full length: 2.5 mWeight: 110 gMax. load: 200 kg Breaking strength: >400 kg

Moon Straps
This daisy-chain webbing is super strong, anti-slip, and extremely easy to use. Perfect for application on trees with a sensitive bark, or for hammocks that are used by more than one individual.INTUITIVE AND COMFORTABLEWrap the end with the fastening loops around the desired object (tree, hook, car, beam,...) and through the loop on the otherFasten and attach the hook/ carabiner of your hammock to one of the loopsRelax! In case the surface is slippery, simply wrap the object two or three times before going through the loop to stay where you are. The ultralight smooth straps gently hug the trees and their bark will be grateful!Product characteristics:Length: 2.7 mWidth: 2 cmWeight: 216 gMax. load: 300 kgMaterial: 100% Polyester Breaking strength: >760 kg

Nautical Rope Set
Extremely durable, sturdy and safe rope hanging system. This minimalistic approach, invented by Ticket to the Moon more than 20 years ago, changed the hammock world forever. Anyone can hang a hammock in seconds, without tying any knots.INTUITIVE UND EASY TO USELay the pre-knotted end of the rope all the way around the anchor object (e.g. tree, pole, hook) Put it through the loop on the other side Pull and hook the hammock to the suitable knot or make a new knot at the desired positionEnjoy! In case the surface is slippery, wrap the rope around a few times before going through the loop. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use, for trees, however, we recommend our Moon Straps or Lightest Straps.Product characteristics:Length: 2.4 mDiameter: Ø 5 mm (preknotted) Weight: 230 g Max. load: 200 kg Material: 100% Nylon Breaking strength: >580 kg

Strap Extender
Did it ever happen to you that there were lousy 10 cm missing between your hook and the ropes to hang your hammock? Sometimes trees are thicker or further apart than you are prepared for. This is where the Strap Extender comes in. With a pair of tree-friendly polyester straps it becomes easy to extend and or upgrade your Lightest or Moon Strap or your Ropes.Product characteristcs:Length: 2 x 155 cm Weight: 105 g Max. load: 300 kg Breaking strength: >760 kg