Lightest Loops

Product information "Lightest Loops"
Optimize the weight of your hammock with our "Lightest Loops" – the perfect upgrade for anyone looking to travel extra light. Simply swap out the standard rope of your hammock for our ultra-light loops and embark on even lighter journeys!

Product characteristics: 
  • Weight: 8 g
  • Loops: 8.5 kN
  • Material: UHMWPE
  • In combination with our Lightest Carabiner : 5 kN
  • ⌀ 3mm


Lightest Carabiner 6kN - Pair
We designed this carabiner as the most lightweight option. Strong enough in any situation with its 600 kg closed gate rating, it has a custom eyelet for ropes like our UHMPE ropes. Suitable for our Lightest Hammock, it also works as a high- strength accessory carabiner.Be careful, this carabiner does NOT work with Compact, Original or King Size, unless you also change the ropes at the ends of the hammock to a thinner version!Product characteristics:Material: A7075 Size: 4.5 cm x 2.6 cmWeight: 6.0 g/pcGate Strengh: 6 kN (closed); 1.5 kN (opened)10 years warranty

Lightest Straps
ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT MEETS TREE HUGGERSFor only 95g you get a tree-friendly and easy to use solution. Perfect if weight matters. Made from UHMWPE rope to last. It even fits into the express bag of the lightest hammock.The Lightest Straps is versatile as an easy to use hammock suspension that fully protects trees: Wrap the ropes around the desired object (tree, hook, balcony, beam,...) and through the loop on the other end Fasten and attach the hook/ carabiner of your hammock to one of the knots Relax! In case the surface is slippery, simply wrap the object two or three times before going through the loop to stay where you are. The smooth straps gently hug the trees and their bark will be grateful! Product characteristics:Tree-hugger: 2 x L 0.9 m / W 20 mm (100% PES)Rope: 2 x L 1.6 m / ø 3 mm (UHMWPE)Full length: 2.5 mWeight: 110 gMax. load: 200 kg Breaking strength: >400 kg