Over the past years, we have been very fortunate. Together with our friends and partners in Sumba, we could drastically improve the local livelihood situation. In fact, things have improved by such a degree that the TTTM Foundation is now coming to an end. We all are tremendously proud of the developments of the project and are now eagerly following our Sumbanese friends' steps and standing by their side with advice upon request. With much excitement, we are now shifting our focus and energies to other selected social and environmental projects that we believe in and who are working towards similar goals to make the world a better place. We are an organisation with a strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Therefore we feel a strong calling to gie back to society and to support those in need. Amongst other activities, we have therefore launched a couple of collaborations that involve donating for example. As we are in the reorientation process of our social endeavors, let us know about any interesting projects that could be interesting partners!

Project Wings

Project Wings is a growing German NGO that is currently building the world's largest recycling village in Indonesia from 250 tons of plastic waste. They aim to tackle three major global issues: species extinction, tropical deforestation, and plastic pollution. The organization is impleenting a self-sustaining system run by locals that combines environmental protection, nature conservation, and animal welfare. They use an innovative approach to turn plastic waste into Eco- bricks, which are then used to construct affordable buildings. The NGO is also involved in protecting the rainforest, animal welfare, promoting alternatives to plastic and education. Their future plans include building a sustainable marketplace, sports ground and organic restaurant. Project Wings  collaborates with various partners and supporters to realize their vision.

We support them with custom printed bags as a start to give to participants of round table meetings with NGOs and politicians as well as for funding activities in Germany to raise mindfulness for this important mission. We will support their crew with hammocks for the community patrol and for sleeping cabins for the team and supporters. We are planning to do some projects with them in the near future to raise awareness in Sumatra (more projects and collaborations are likely to come in the future).

 One man's trash is another man's treasure!


Solemen is a non-profit organization based in Bali, Indonesia, that provides various forms of support to people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and other life-threatening conditions. They assist individuals who are unable to afford medical treatment, rehabilitation, or other basic necessities. They also organize campaigns and events to raise awareness about various issues affecting the community. Ticket To The Moon recognizes the great work that Solemen is doing and wants to help them with their cause. Our company has provided printed eco-bags that are made from eco-friendly materials and are reusable. These eco-bags feature Solemen’s and our company logo and are designed to help raise awareness about Solemen's mission and promote sustainable practices.

Through this project, Ticket To The Moon hopes to encourage people to use eco-bags instead of single-use plastic bags. Plastic pollution is a significant environmental issue, and it is crucial that we take steps to reduce our plastic usage. By donating eco-bags to Solemen, we aim to help reduce plastic waste while also supporting a great cause. We are proud to support Solemen's mission, creates sources of income and to help make a positive impact in the community. Our team believes that it is important to give back to society and we will continue to find ways to support worthy causes. Another way we support Solemen is by providing Moonchairs to disadvantaged families amongst many others with disabled children.  These families were previously hidden away in a poor area of Denpasar without support or care from the outside. Through Solemen working closely with the government of Bali they all now enjoy new lives in Denpasar area of Renon in clean solid housing together with wheelchair access. The children benefit greatly from regular therapy, provision of nutritionally balanced food and ongoing emotional support by the charity. Previously none of the children had the opportunity to experience play. They are now even getting into all sorts of mischief by their newly discovered (and wild) swinging possibilities. What a joy!

Pictures © Alon Mekinulov & Ticket to the Moon