Nautical Rope Set
Extremely durable, sturdy and safe rope hanging system. This minimalistic approach, invented by Ticket to the Moon more than 20 years ago, changed the hammock world forever. Anyone can hang a hammock in seconds, without tying any knots.INTUITIVE UND EASY TO USELay the pre-knotted end of the rope all the way around the anchor object (e.g. tree, pole, hook) Put it through the loop on the other side Pull and hook the hammock to the suitable knot or make a new knot at the desired positionEnjoy! In case the surface is slippery, wrap the rope around a few times before going through the loop. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use, for trees, however, we recommend our Moon Straps or Lightest Straps.Product characteristics:Length: 2.4 mDiameter: Ø 5 mm (preknotted) Weight: 230 g Max. load: 200 kg Material: 100% Nylon Breaking strength: >580 kg