Backpack Plus - 25L
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The Backpack Plus is characterized by its built-in padding, integrated chest strap, numerous storage options, and its ultra-compact design. It's a true all-rounder that proves its worth not only during hikes and travels but also in everyday work life.Our backpacks are carefully handcrafted and feature a contrasting interior lining. They are made from recycled sections of Ticket To The Moon hammocks, following our motto of "nothing is left to waste."Upcycled ProductSize: 29 x 45 x 15 cmWeight: 250 gCapacity: 25LCarrying Capacity: 15 kg5 practical compartments (laptop compartment, top and main compartments, two hidden pockets)Chest strap and bottle holder

Backpack Plus Premium - 25L
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Our Backpack Plus is now also available in the Premium version, in four earthy natural tones, made from the leftover materials of our Home hammocks. The thicker fabric not only feels particularly soft but is also highly durable.With its spacious design and practical compartments, the Backpack Plus is the perfect companion for your daily adventures - whether you're on your way to work, exploring the city, or going on a weekend getaway. The additional padding and the integrated chest strap make it exceptionally comfortable to carry.Upcycling ProductSize: 29 × 45 × 15 cmWeight: 280 gCapacity: 25 lMax. Carrying Capacity: 15 kgContrast interior lining5 practical compartments (laptop compartment, lid, main, two hidden pockets) & bottle holder

Mini Backpack - 15L
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A minimalist’s dream: Our Mini Backpack is not only ultra-light- weight, but also folds up very small when you don’t need it. At the same time it features supreme comfort and superb functionality. It is a helpful companion that will save the day, every day!3 convenient pockets (top, main & secret pocket)Weight: 140 g Size: 28 x 42 x 13 cmCarrying capacity: 15 kg

Mini Backpack (2019)
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Mini Backpack Premium - 15L
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Our popular Mini Backpacks are now available in the premium version, offered in four earthy natural tones, crafted from the leftover materials of our Home Hammocks. The denser fabric not only feels incredibly soft but also provides durability. At the same time, the Mini Backpack Premium is ultra-lightweight and effortlessly foldable into the smallest size. With it, you'll have a practical everyday companion by your side, all while being environmentally conscious.Upcycled Product3 Convenient Compartments (Lid, Main, and back Compartment)Weight: 155 g Size: 28 x 42 x 15 cm Max. Carrying Capacity: 15 kgMachine Washable at 30 °C