ECO SUPER MARKET BAG (2019 collection)

Product information "ECO SUPER MARKET BAG (2019 collection)"
Product characteristics:
  • Specs: 58 x 50 cm
  • Weight: 75 g
  • Capacity: 40 liters
  • Carrying Capacity: 15 kg
Main color: Aqua (15), Army Green (24), Black (7), Blue (28), Brown (8), Burgundy (34), Dark Green (5), Dark Grey (3), Dark Yellow (37), Khaki (22), Mixed (0), Navy Blue (6), Orange (35), Pink (21), Purple (30), Red (10), Royal Blue (39), Turquoise (14)
Side Color: Army Green (24), Black (7), Brown (8), Burgundy (34), Dark Green (5), Dark Grey (3), Dark Yellow (37), Emerald Green (36), Green (11), Khaki (22), Light Blue (9), Navy Blue (6), Orange (35), Pink (21), Purple (30), Royal Blue (39), Turquoise (14), White (1)


ECO MARKET BAG M 2019 collection
Product characteristics:Specs: 46 x 42 cmWeight: 55 gCapacity: 20 lCarrying Capacity: 15 kg

Eco Bag Medium
This dynamic blend of storage capacity, durability and portability will make your everyday life so much more convenient. Taking your groceries home or transporting the essentials for a day by the lake is an absolute delight.Our green mission:The eco market bag is created as a part of our effort to eliminate waste for the environment. At TTTM we hate waste, so each piece of fabric leftover after the patterns are cut is carefully stored until we can come up with an eco-friendly way to use it, like this next product. Spare the planet thousands of plastic bags each year. The Eco Market Bag is ideal for shopping or traveling. Made of breathable parachute nylon, it is easy to carry and strong, making it the ideal gift for your eco-conscious family and friends.Product characteristics: Material: High quality silk parachute nylonSize: 34 × 39 × 6 cmWeight: 55 gCapacity: 15 lCarrying capacity: 15 kg10-year warranty

Eco Bag Small
This practical companion in a handbag format will always be with you and does a great job at keeping smaller accessories safe and easily accessible.Our green mission:Each product we offer reflects our commitment to promoting a clean and healthy planet. Our carbon footprint is minimal, and we aim to minimize the collection of plastic waste both on land and in the sea. We repurpose any manufacturing waste from our products to create green bags and backpacks. The Eco Market S is packable and lightweight, yet strong. It's the perfect bag for shoppers looking to ditch single-use plastic.Product characteristics: Material: High quality silk parachute nylonSize: 30 × 32 × 6 cm Weight: 40 g Capacity: 10 l Carrying capacity: 15 kg10-year warranty