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Product information "Sling Bag"
Whether on daily commute, on a bike, for travelling or for just the usual stroll, this take- it-everywhere Ticket to the Moon Sling Bag has lots of storage and pockets to keep you organized with a close-to-body ergonomic fit keeps you organized and comfortable. Fair Produced and made from upcycled materials.  

 Product characteristics:  
  • Weight: 125 g 
  • Carrying capacity: 15 kg  
  • Material: 70D Crinkle Nylon  
  • Shoulder strap length: 55 cm - 100 cm


Sling Bag Premium
The Sling Bag - essential for travel, festivals, and daily use. This practical crossbody/hip bag has quickly established itself as our favorite in upcycling. The Sling Bag offers ultimate organization with five contrasting interior pockets, a keychain, and a hidden pocket for small valuables.It is now also available in our premium version, made from the leftover materials of our Home Line.Product characteristics: Weight: 138 g Carrying capacity: 15 kg Material: 85D Crinkle Nylon Shoulder strap length: 55 cm - 100 cm

Key Chain Zipper
Make your life easier with our retractable key chain. This handy tool secures your keys and automatically retracts, perfect for on-the-go. Pair it with our stylish Sling Bag, which is not only comfortable to carry but also keeps all your essentials within easy reach. Together, they form the perfect duo for your daily adventures.

Eco Bag Medium
This dynamic blend of storage capacity, durability and portability will make your everyday life so much more convenient. Taking your groceries home or transporting the essentials for a day by the lake is an absolute delight.Our green mission:The eco market bag is created as a part of our effort to eliminate waste for the environment. At TTTM we hate waste, so each piece of fabric leftover after the patterns are cut is carefully stored until we can come up with an eco-friendly way to use it, like this next product. Spare the planet thousands of plastic bags each year. The Eco Market Bag is ideal for shopping or traveling. Made of breathable parachute nylon, it is easy to carry and strong, making it the ideal gift for your eco-conscious family and friends.Product characteristics: Material: High quality silk parachute nylonSize: 34 × 39 × 6 cmWeight: 55 gCapacity: 15 lCarrying capacity: 15 kg10-year warranty

Mini Backpack - 15L
A minimalist’s dream: Our Mini Backpack is not only ultra-light- weight, but also folds up very small when you don’t need it. At the same time it features supreme comfort and superb functionality. It is a helpful companion that will save the day, every day!3 convenient pockets (top, main & secret pocket)Weight: 140 g Size: 28 x 42 x 13 cmCarrying capacity: 15 kg

Eco Bag Large
This bag handles absolutely anything, including heavier items. Thanks to its lavish interior, there is no need to be selective about what you can carry. The wide handles sit nicely on your shoulders and do not cut in.Our green mission:Each product we offer reflects our commitment to promoting a clean and healthy planet. Our carbon footprint is minimal, and we aim to minimize the collection of plastic waste both on land and in the sea. We repurpose any manufacturing waste from our products to create green bags and backpacks. The Eco Bag is packable and lightweight, yet strong. It's the perfect bag for shoppers looking to ditch single-use plastic.Product characteristics:Material: high-quality parachute-silk nylonSize: 46 × 48 × 6 cmWeight: 75 gCapacity: 30 lCarrying capacity: 15 kg10-year warranty