Hammock Sleeve

Product information "Hammock Sleeve"
The ultimate protective hammock cover
Our Sleeve protects your hammock like a second skin. An essential optional accessory if you plan to leave it in the sun for an extended time. It keeps your hammock clean and stops the wind from flapping it around when not in use. 

This sleeve fits only on the Compact, Lightest, Original and King Size Hammocks! The Convertible Bug Net 360°, the suspension systems, yourself or your friends need to get out of the hammock before you can slide the Sleeve over your hammock! :)

Quick Installation
To use your hammock sleeve, simply slide the sleeve along your hammock until all surfaces are completely covered. It's equally easy to remove and store in an attached pouch, but there is no real need for that, the sleeve will stay on your hammock just fine. 
Main color: Army Green (24), Dark Grey (3), Dark Grey (3) UV Proof


Ridgeline Kit
With this structural and adjustable ridgeline kit , you will certainly hang like a pro and find your perfect position- everywhere and always! Installation is super easy, and you will sleep much better! A clever fusion of state-of-the-art materials and locked Brummel eye splice loop and whoopie sling technology make this new accessory attractive for everyday use. With two 6kN carabiners (7075 aluminium) it can be attached to the hammock and by simply holding and pulling on the marked spots, it can be shortened and extended to a maximum length of 320 cm.Thanks to the smart organizer bag, your essentials are always within reach and safe, while your shoes and clothes dry off the ground! The main pocket can be closed and can even carry a water bottle without problems. This overhead storage is big enough to carry the modern adventure essentials, yet small enough to not disturb your Zen space. Thanks to the integrated and knot-less slider, it moves smoothly wherever you need it.Product characteristics: Material: PU coated 3mm UHMWPE rope Weight: 80 g Length: 220 - 320 cm Max. load: 200 kg Included: 2x 6 kN carabiners, organizer (6 compartments), stainless-steel rings

Wall Attachment Kit
The TTTM Hanging Kit lets you set up your hammock indoors or wherever you find concrete or stone walls. If you want to install the display on wooden structures, please use the screws directly without the fisher and see description below (as long as your wooden wall is strong enough and suitable for drilling). Set of 2 hangers with screws, washers and fish plugs. What you require for the set-up: 1 x drill1 x 12 mm masonry drill bit (3/8”)1 x 13 mm spanner / wrench INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Try to find the right distance between two walls usually a distance from 2.7 - 3 m is perfect without the need for additional ropes. 2) Check the wall by tapping and knocking and see if it is sturdy enough and not just a hollow thin layer of plywood… 3) Choose any height from 1.3 m and higher, depending on the distance of your hangers. Make sure to install the anchors higher if they are further away than 3 m – otherwise you either don’t have the 30° angle for your hammock or you will touch the floor. ;) 4) Drill a hole in a concrete or stone wall with a 10 mm (3/8”) boring head. Check the length according to the Bolt included in the Kit. Clean the hole with a brush or blow residual dust out with a straw. 5) Gently insert the fisher first. 6) Insert the lag bolt with the hanger and the washer already threat in, screw the bolt until it is securely tightened. 7) Attach your Rope or Moon Strap to the hanger and use your hammock the way you are used to. Don’t attach the aluminum Carabiner directly to the stainless-steel hanger, because it may damage the Carabiner. Start with gently sitting inside your hammock to see if the hangers are installed safely and securely. For block, brick or concrete walls use a 10mm masonry drill bit to drill a hole to the depth of 80mm. Insert nylon wall plug fully into hole. Screw hook into plug as far as it will go. For timber use a 6mm wood drill bit to drill a hole to the depth of 70mm. Screw hook into hole as far as it will go. For stud (hollow/partition) walls it is extremely important to centre the hook on the stud which may be covered by panelling or plasterboard. TIPS: Use rope to extend from hook to hammock if necessary. A simple hitch is an effective way to attach it. Always ensure the two ends of the hammock are at the same height. WARNING: Incorrect installation could result in risk of injury. Ensure all work is carried out by a person competent in this type of job. Periodically check the hook for signs of excessive wear and particularly stress cracks and replace if necessary. These hooks are not suitable for use in ceilings.

Accessory Carabiner (8Pcs)
The perfect clips for securing smaller items like water bottles, knives, and flashlights to your Ticket to the Moon bag. These carabiners function well as key rings and more, while accommodating guy lines.Product characteristics:Size: 4 x 2.5 cmMaterial: A6061Weight: 3g/pcClosed Gate Strength: 30 kg

Strap Extender
Did it ever happen to you that there were lousy 10 cm missing between your hook and the ropes to hang your hammock? Sometimes trees are thicker or further apart than you are prepared for. This is where the Strap Extender comes in. With a pair of tree-friendly polyester straps it becomes easy to extend and or upgrade your Lightest or Moon Strap or your Ropes.Product characteristcs:Length: 2 x 155 cm Weight: 105 g Max. load: 300 kg Breaking strength: >760 kg